Barron County Man Dead After Confrontation with Police

posted Dec 16, 2016, 5:32 AM by Ryan Quinn
A rural Barron County man is dead after a confrontation with police.  It appears 49-year old James Bacon, who lived in a motor home east of Cameron, took his own life after police responded to a complaint by his wife that she had been held against her will.  

When police first responded to the call at 440pm yesterday, Bacon told them he wasn’t going to jail, and said he had a gun and was going to blow up the motor home. 

Police attempted to negotiate with Bacon, then used gas to coax Bacon out of the motor home. 

Police say three shots came from inside the motor home, and Bacon quit responding to police. 

An entry team then entered the motor home and found Bacon deceased from a self-inflicted gun wound